Sports Nutrition Consulting


Sphinx Elite provides detailed, evidence based sports nutrition consulting services for individuals or groups/clubs. After years of working with athletes at top Division I Universities, the consultants at Sphinx Elite are now able to offer their services to athletes of any sport and ability level!

With the use of current, web-based video communication technology, we can provide face-to-face consultations with individual athletes anywhere in the country!

Hourly Consulting: 

Single session individual consultations or group presentations are offered at one low, flat hourly rate! Sessions can be tailored to address the topic or concern of your choice, and you will receive detailed informational material to keep, along with practical applications for real-world use!

Monthly Sports Nutrition Consulting:

Have a nutrition/training-related concern that requires more than just a one-time consultation? Do you have several months of intense training ahead of you for that big competition and are interested in having your diet monitored by professionals? Are you training in order to reach that weight-loss goal and finish your first race?

The monthly nutrition consulting services provided by Sphinx Elite offers you the most comprehensive, personalized nutritional service available. We provide you with multiple consultations each month, in-depth analysis of the quality of your current diet, progress and goal monitoring, and a whole lot more!

Monthly services are also great for groups and club teams! We can provide presentations and discussion sessions on the most relevant topics to your club or organization, along with personalized consultations to each member.

Sports Nutrition and Coaching Combo Packages:

Looking for a coaching plan and also have questions about how proper nutrition can help you get the most out of your training? We have the perfect package just for you!


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