BFuller Rabbiting PSU National 2013

Brian Fuller rabbiting a sub 4 minute mile at the 2013 Penn State National

KFuller Rabbiting PSU National 2013

Kevin Fuller rabbiting a sub 1:50 800m at the 2013 Penn State National

Team members pose with the finish line clock showing their new world record time for the 10 man, 1,000 mile relay!

The Life..Back on Track Relay members celebrate as they walk across the finish line together, setting a new world record! Several members of Team Sphinx Elite participated in this relay

Sphinx Elite athlete Kyle Dawson receiving high fives from the crowd that gathered to see the finish of a world record setting 1,000 mile relay

Dawson brothers exchanging the baton during the last few miles of the 1000 mile relay. This exchange was part of a collective SUB 4 MINUTE MILE after having already run over 995 miles

Fuller Brothers at the start of the Best Buddies 5k in Ocean City, MD. They would go on to finish 1-2-3 in commanding fashion

Kevin Fuller racing the 2012 Harrisburg Mile

Brian Fuller and Ryan Foster Finishing 1-2 in the 2011 Harrisburg Turkey Trot

Brian Fuller- 2011 Harrisburg Mile Champion

2011 Puma Battle Royale Last Man Standing 5k Champion and Runner-Up!

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