Monthly Coaching Services

Have Your Very Own Professional Coach!

Our monthly coaching plans provide you with the most in-depth coaching experience from our professional coaches! Your training plan is updated every two weeks to allow greater flexibility for your training progression and any bumps in the road. Enjoy unlimited contact with our coaches to help you through every stage of your training!

Whats Included?

  • Expert coaching, tailored to each athlete’s individual needs
  • Your own professional coach to work with you on a daily basis (see options below)
  • General overview of our weekly training structure
  • Detailed explanation of each day’s workout, updated every two weeks
  • Initial 30 minute phone or skype call to get a complete understanding of your needs and goals
  • Unlimited e-mail, phone and Skype contact throughout your training plan
  • Easy to understand descriptions of general running information including pacing strategies and daily training goals
  • Training log to keep track of progress throughout the program
  • Informative guide to preventative stretching, including a sample stretching protocol, with pictures!
  • Cross training guide, including a recommended cross training regimen for each program


  • 3 Month Coaching Plan
  • 6 Month Coaching Plan
  • 9 Month Coaching Plan
  • 12 Month Coaching Plan

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