Ready-To-Go Plans

Purchases of any ready-to-go plans are sent to you the same day!

What’s Included?

  • 16-week professionally designed training plan
  • Detailed explanation of each day’s workout
  • Easy to understand descriptions of general running information including pacing strategies and daily training goals
  • Training log to keep track of progress throughout the program
  • Informative guide to preventative stretching, including a sample stretching protocol, with pictures!
  • Cross training guide, including a recommended cross training regimen for each program


  • Beginner Half-Marathon
  • Beginner Marathon
  • Intermediate Half-Marathon
  • Intermediate Marathon
  • Advanced Half-Marathon
  • Advanced Marathon

Beginner Plans: Best for the novice runner with the goal of completing their first big race. These plans are low on the mileage and stress gradual increases in duration and intensity up until race day.

Intermediate Plans: Our most popular ready-to-go plans. They are ideal for seasoned runners that are in need of a structured training regiment to get over the hump and achieve that elusive goal. These plans start with a base phase with low-intensity mileage and ample cross-training. Workouts are added during the build phase and progress in intensity until the weeks immediately prior to the race.

Advanced Plans: Runner beware. Our advanced programs are not a force to be reckoned with. These programs are designed to give the serious runner the advantage of having a professional coach, without the excessive expense. We employ the use of high-quality workouts, some serious long-runs, and intense cross-training to produce well-deserved results.

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